One Year of Little

Client Olivari
Vendor Various
Format Social Media & More
It all started with a mantra:
The little things are everything.

We could have built an ugly building to process our olive oil. And odds are good no one would have cared. At harvest time, we could even let our olives touch the ground. Only the birds would ever have to know. And we sure didn’t have to redesign our bottles to make the oil flow easier. No one said we had to.

But there was no other way.

Because to us, making olive oil—or making anything well, for that matter—has always been about a series of choices. A celebration of little things. Tiny details. Small and seemingly inconsequential by themselves. But amazingly powerful when added up together. Humble. And yet worthy of celebration.

There are a hundred other ways to make olive oil other than the way we do it. But to us, the little things we do aren’t just things. They're everything.
We wanted to help Olivari celebrate these little things through One Year of Little. This social program consisted of smart, kind, funny, interesting and useful content that we created for posting on social media and a redesigned website. The content ranged from celebrating little known holidays, to little documentaries, funny how-tos, slow motion oil, cooking tips, little things with super long domains, 1,000 words written on objects, original songs by the Bowery Birds, and more.