“Green Anaconda”

“African Lion”


“Amazon River Turtle”

Client San Francisco Zoo
Director Me
Length Varied
We all live in the Bay Area together. Animal and human alike. We breathe the same air. Drink the same water. Soak in the same sun. And because of this, we are all dependent on the well-being of each and every living thing in the area. With this campaign, we established the San Francisco Zoo as a pioneer of integrated wellness in the Bay Area. Both inside the zoo and out, we cultivated the idea that our community isn’t just about people, it’s about all living things, working together for the betterment of the greater good.

We gave the SF Zoo a voice through Animal Wizdom. Tranquil music and natural landscapes were paired with simple life advice and thoughts provided by the animals of the zoo. And unlike most zoo advertising, we didn't show any animals.