Acrylic on board

The focus of this piece is to use color techniques to tell a story without words. In the beginning of this piece, life is full of color. The boy plays outside, celebrates with his friends, and enjoys school. Graduation comes and he realizes that his life if going to change for the worse. The brightness and warm light when he is in the spot dies. He is left alone in the empty darkness of the room. He leaves this state by going outside into the light, or happy thoughts. Eventually, he leaves his girlfriend behind and travels to California. His surroundings are dead and dusty; he feels his own identity leaching away. When his girlfriend comes to live with him, he is rejuvenated. But she is not the same person he left behind. Her smoking is parallel to the oppression of his new home. This is indicated by her dead looking skin and the cigarettes that look like smoke stacks. He tries to make the most of the situation, but they grow apart and break up. The boy is left kneeling in a pool of tears. The view from the outside reveals a glimmer of sadness that slowly desaturates into the surrounding gray.