Illustrator, Photoshop, Copywriting. Produced by Code & Theory. Designer: S. Sundholm

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The microsite for is split into two parts. The first is called the National Gruntledness Index (NGI). A source for the nation's career happiness, the NGI is calculated using real data provided by job posts/searches. The interface is like a more colorful, weather map version of Google Analytics. From the national view, a user can dive into state and local levels to see how happy his city is. Sorting by industry on the sidebar allows him to see the gruntledness for specific industries.

Another factor in the calculations are users' Personal Gruntledness Index (PGI) scores. The PGI is a quick test of how happy the user is in his career. From a larger pool of questions, the test is broken into three questions from three categories: money, career, lifestyle. Its tone follows the “tough love” of the rest of the campaign, and it's both humorous and revealing. Many of the questions of the test were made into rich media banners.