Aldeamina / Los Placios del Lago Mohoso
| acrylic on matboard

Los Placios del Lago Mohoso are situated in a small valley below the cathedral and factory of Aldeamina. This housing area is for the working class, the bulk of which live in the five-storied "mansions." The oldest workers are given a trackhouse with a specialized processing area built in so that they can still be productive without traveling to the plant. In the forground, the bright canopy of the female cleaners shines on the pumps and wet concrete beneath.

As a counterpart to Captured by the Milita, this piece has symbols of female anatomy throughout. The Sumerian symbol for woman is prominantly displayed on the sign for the cleaners; the doors to the houses are triangular and capped with decorations resembling pubic hair; and the construction site at the corner resembles a part of the body. Other intents were to convey sexuality through the contruction site and the placement of the "comida" sign at the female cleaners.

My disgust with modern housing is expressed in the milk carton shaped roofs of the mansions and the small yards of the trackhouses. This housing developement was origionally going to be called "The Estates on Vinyard Green" as a parody of modern subdivisions with names that do not reflect their site. Los Placios del Lago Mohos still conveys an elegant developement, but the phrase translates to "The Mansions of the Musty Lake." To their right is a small lake that has been polluted by runoff from the factory on the hill above it, and the thin forest near it is dead.

My piece dedication continues with the inclusion of the WM logo as the rose window of the cathedral and emblem on the call booth. Additonally, a W is formed by the lit rooms in the mansion on the right. To its left, an N.

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