The Production Continues
| acrylic on board

The Meat Series contains pieces that improved my artistic skills while shocking the audience (mostly nubile women) . A recent analysis of the earlier pieces revealed that they were of poor execution. I would blame myself, but it is far easier to blame you. Despite your resolve to prevent me from skillfully recreating the human form and more accurate color in a setting, I undertook another piece. Inspired by Tres: El Dio de Carne , The Production Continues illustrates a battle between Tres and the neighboring god Dio Pyramido. The approaching army is the first wave of attack from a divine plan the other gods devised to stop Tres from corrupting more humans. However the production of the sin-laced meat continues. In the foreground, a servant of Tres severs the arm of a man worthy to grind (detail 4), and a woman lies waiting in the queue (3). The open doorway to the left leads to the destiny room depicted in Tres: El Dio de Carne. Instead of continuing to decide more dead people's fate, Tres has turned to stare into the blue glow of his war monitor (2). Gunners with chicken wing butts fire into the approaching troops (1). From behind the distance pyramids, emissaries in rockets commute to the abode of the gods to report the state of the battle.
The figures in this piece are much closer to real life because I am learning human anatomy. The color is better for unknown reasons. There are intitials hidden in this piece (hint: crenelation). Future pieces may illustrate Dio Pyramido's life.

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