Jesus and Judas
| acrylic on board

This piece was a collaborative project between S.S. and I. The initial concept was inspired by an historical and psychoanalytic essay on Judas. I thought it would form tension to illustrate Judas and Jesus casually declaring the other's name. The first version of this piece showed the two in a clean coastal setting with blue sky. I handed over the piece to S.S., and he added walls of poorly painted fire on both sides, a cloudy sky, the leg of Jesus lifted, and a small boy that was God. I removed almost everything he did, leaving the leg and deleting / reworking the fire. The new position of the leg conveyed a sense of movement, so I altered elements so that Jesus approaches from the right carrying a cross. He and Judas still acknowledge each other, but now it is secret partnership. "Judas," Jesus states with an innocent smile. Then he heaves another cross into the fire. I wanted to leave the God figure, but it wouldn't work compositionally. God's omnipotence is now expressed through dashed lines where the image is directed to be cut. God controls the composition since the "cut" commands are signed by Yahweh.

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