Silkscreen, salt print, and xerox transfer

The text reads:

I walk out the front door and around to the side of the garage. The two cigarettes are torn so that some of their guts spill. I toss the halves into the bushes. I withdraw the pack, crush it with my foot, and push it towards its bleeding passengers. Such a different life if I had lived in her house! The house is painted with thick white paint. The siding is soiled. To my right are three full trash cans. A soggy, unraveling rug drapes over the middle can. The garbage smells like sweetened armpits. I walk along the dirt path to get to the front porch. There is a chain prostrated on the cement; a fire poker leans against a pilaster. On the railing is the pot full of cigarette butts. I remember that three days ago, the pot was empty.

The air evacuation tubes in the salt print symbolize flushing the lungs of cigarettes (upper right). The title refers both to the suction of impurities and the general emptiness of the smoking experience.