Echo Mountain Society Brochure

Photoshop, Illustrator, Phototography

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This brochure is for Echo Mountain Society, a fictional organization created for the project. The material is designed to show both the beauty and history of the Sam Merrill Trail and Echo Mountain in order to solicit funds for restoration. Graphically the brochure is modern, but it does refer to turn-of-the-century motifs. The brochure is double sided, three-fold, with the pages folded inward so that the only initially visible sides are the two right panels on side one. "Life is inherently complex," reads the first image. From there, the viewer is persuaded to seek the benefits of a solitary hike. Upon opening further, a map and description of Sam Merrill Trail is presented, along with the history of the resort complex that existed on the peak of Echo Mountain. After studying the site's past granduer, the brochure flows into a page showing the current, ruined state of the complex. The back cover asks for assistance and provides necessary contact information.