Radiohead Growth Booklet

Traditional, Photoshop, Illustrator

Samples: 1 2 3 4 5 6

This is a booklet for a fictional Radiohead album titled Growth. The middle gutter is where the actual piece is folded. To inspire the piece, I proposed that someone significant to the band had died, causing them to reflect on their past and where they are going. The imagery is the bittersweet mixture of death, loneliness, and eventual growth. The distorted Lilly symbolizes the human ability to grow from tragedy. Spread 2 contains a two-tier timeline of the band. The upper register contains information about the band before it became Radiohead. Below, a line links significant singles and albums that drove the band forward before the tragedy. Spread 3 announces the unavoidable truth for the living: that we will lose those we love. Spread 4's lonely landscape allows contemplation of this truth, much like what the band would have gone through. The grassy plains shift into a forest of dead trees. In Spread 5. these trees are bound by the darkness of death. One choice to tragedy is given: do you die? In Spread 6 the viewer is given the second and more appealing option for growth.