Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver

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Work for Infotel Inc. is divided into a corporate site and their suite of online reporting tools. The website was primarily a cosmetic facelift whereby much of the old content structure was left intact while creating a new look. All content is organized by a flexible cascading menu bar at the top, and the themes of the site are cutting-edge, established, and knowledgeable experience. Photos were used throughout the site to illustrate and enhance the content while tying the look to the company's previously-produced printed materials. The overall color scheme is based on the client's preference for shades of purple. The site is further enhanced by small flash movies. On the homepage, the Infotel logo and welcome messages appear dynamically with motion and blur effects. On one of the content pages, an animations shows the Infotel process to high-quality results. When the user rolls over the component arrows, it hints at some of the content received by clicking on the link. The look for the suit of reporting tools had to both match the corporate site and be flexible enough for dynamically generated content. While the frameset remains static, all buttons and content pages can be dynamically created based on the current user's clearances/needs. A client training/certification interface was designed to improve both quality and efficiency of the many contracted secret shoppers. The interface consists of an introductory screen, course directory, and illustrated course content. The client reporting area has dynamically-generated graphs and animated icons. Note: The site currently online has been changed by the owners and no longer reflects the original files.