Enki's Lament
| acrylic and colored pencil on cardboard

Enki is the Sumerian god who had his hand in creating mankind and saving it from destruction during the Deluge. 

This piece contains many references to the tangible gods and their effects on the earth. On the right in the middle ground, is a large zigguarat and the tower of Babel depicted as a hotel with a zigguarat cap. Above it, flies a spacecraft  preparing to destroy it. After the tower was destroyed, mankind scattered to different regions of the earth, as illustrated to the right of the craft. On the far left, DNA and sperm flow into a god (Ninti, the main Sumerian birth goddess) to create mankind. Above, "that which go skyward" (MU) are launched from a base at Sippar. Enki is sad to see his creations come to their fatal end.

This is the unnofficial first piece of the Meat Series.

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