Tres: El Dio de Carne
| acrylic and colored pencil on cardboard

This is the first official piece of my Meat Series, and it takes some influence from The Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosch. (Enki's Lament is a precursor). Tres the god of meat contols mankind's destiny through meat (this will be more evident in Dastardly Deed and the Lamb Temptation). Meat is primal and provides a direct connection to the evil in mankind. Tres uses this foible to corrupt his subject so that they obey to his every whim. In this image, we see the final judgement. People are weighed against the value of meat. If they are worthy, they are fit for consumption and tossed into the grinder to be made into sausages; if they are worthless, they are thrown into the incinerators (upper left) to have their dense smoke fill the air. The horned black creatures are the servants to Tres.
The incinerators allude to the Holocaust. The girl represents twisted innocence, and the thought bubbles present the problem of whether she is imagining this scene while she eats the sausage, or if she stopped in disgust. To furthur confuse, the phallic sausage drips from her mouth as if she were performing falatio. She also appears connected to Tres and his evil empire by the three slashes. These marks represent the three stages of man: alive, dead, and food. Behind her is the coming of the gods and their lights shining down on smoking cities. The N and K shakers represent my name and that of a women I was fond of at the time I created this piece.

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