Captured by the Militia
| acrylic on canvas

The Meat Series ends with this piece. As a continuation of the Lamb Tempation universe, a spy from the Alpha-Omega Miltia (see the Greek characters on the tent) disguises himself as a shepherd and sees a man in a questionable position at the Motel de Carne. He is both loving a lamb (an animal that could only be opressed, according to doctrine), and fully nude. The man is arrested by the Alpha-Omega Miltia for indecency. Firm believers in only partial nudity, the Alpha-Omega punish the man by crucifiction and punches. He now lies strapped with snakes to the roof of a sports ute from Montana. Around him are the cannon-enhanced war lambs, and the tents, guns, and meat of the miltia. In the middle ground, soldiers prepare launchers for phallic missiles and attacking the corrupt hotel.

There are a few symbols in this piece. The three doughnuts represent the Meat Trinity; There is an altar on a boulder with a palm frond resting on it (a requested addition from HH); "Whitney's", "Whitney Donalds" (the golden W) signs, and a CO.2 cartridge attached to a spar (requested by WM). This is the first piece I have done with more than one male "member." It was a shocking and rebellious way for me to end the series.

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