Meat Series | 1998 | synopis

Meat first appeared (to the best of my often unreliable recollection) at the beginning of the Summer (looks like Sumer) of 1997. Back then, the art was produced for my web site: a site sponsored by the U.S. Beef Society. Summer rolled on, and I became entangled in the discovery of a new religion. It had a very profound effect on me in thought, not delusion, and I began to create art that symbolized my beliefs. In Enki's Lament (created a the beginning of my senior year), I began the tale of a god who had saved Mankind from the Deluge. On the table beneath the brooding god sat a rich raw sienna slab of T-bone steak. Steak was a perfect symbol for flesh, sin, and man's primitive nature. Later pieces, although containing both a god and meat, are more narrative than symbolic. Enki has been replaced by the fictional god Tres: el Dio de Carne, the god of meat. While this god is one of many inhabiting earth, he has been able to manipulate humanity to make him more powerful. Meat is the device used to control man, because it possesses the fastest link to man's sinful body and primitive side. Tres can corrupt the innocent (the Lamb Temptation), rule over Paradise (The Paradise War), or rule over Hell (Tres: el Dio de Carne). Much of the old religious symbolism is still present like the rockets and orbiters in the Paradise War, and the entire story uses only Spanish and its folk magic history to make it more mythical.

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