Artist's Statement [Illustration] ?

There is a lot of commentary to read on my site, especially concerning my older work. A lot has changed since those naive days, but I still haven't developed a concrete art philosophy. My childhood and teenage years were weird, creative, and unique. I draw on these past experiences and interpret my present life in most of my work. Narrative pieces are often the end result: a mixture of objects and scenes that tell my mind's story. Maybe my art is narcissistic, but I regard it as problem-solving rather than glorifying. If I perpetually felt happy and fulfilled, my art wouldn't be possible. As my problems change, so does my work. Since most pieces are a snapshot of a specific time, the content will eventually lose importance and meaning. But that loss is a lesson applied to future problems. While there are certain visual elements that characterize my work, I don't rely on seemly deep (but actually soulless) symbols and motifs to define my "style."

Artistic inspirations include Chris Ware, Ralph Steadman, H. Bosch, MC Escher, J. Otto Seibold, Chris Van Allsburg, Mark Ryden, among others.

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