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hey i found the site while looking at Konami Code sites
its really cool, both me and my friends think its the greatest thing since sliced potato chips
but most of my friends cant spell the name right...
Nik says: Thanks.

I like chips.
December 1, 2010 | Name: Bob Q | From: Nowhere Land | Email
Admin: Del Re: IP
LOVE it.......! One of the best site I enter.
Nik says: In Soviet Russia, the site enters you!
October 24, 2010 | Name: saniismail | Email
Admin: Del Re: IP
stumble upon ya great site while using the gppgle theme.. the dordles are superb except i have to turn on my firefox to view the images.. it wont work on chrome 7+
Nik says: I just noticed that today. The code seems to not work in Chrome 7 for some reason. It works in every other browser though. If you hit the arrow keys when the image has the error, you can get it to work. Hmmm. Annoying bug.
October 22, 2010 | Name: i-cute | From: malaysia | Email
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just discovered this from google chrome themes and i love everything. love it. i want one to put on my wall.
Nik says: Thanks, Caitlin!
October 19, 2010 | Name: caitlin tollis | From: d.c. | Email
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Very Good Works, Thank You Very Much
Nik says: You welcome!
October 11, 2010 | Name: R Arthur | From: Land O Lake,fl 34639 | Email
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The Toyota isn't <strong>that</strong> rusty.
I'd totally sit in it.

Seriously... I'd sit in it.
Nik says: Me too.
October 6, 2010 | Name: Ca9ine | From: Norway | Email
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Desaturation. I guess I aint the only one feeling a bit down "living" this grey and brown "life".
Made me a bit sad. But it feels good to feel something, doesnt happen too often nowadays..
August 28, 2010 | Name: doessitoffendyouyeah | From: Finland | Email
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A funny blog,though i can not understand passages competely,i am trying~

Frankly, despite that i have been learning English for …for more than six years(from Grade3 to Senior 3) , i just have mastered grammar or words ,to prepare for the damn university entrance exam . But i think it so limited, can you help me?

ha ~ ho ~ so 纠结~ 作为一个中国人,给你 写英文的评论,真的 很很很累累的啊~~~
我的 汗呀,汗如雨下。别 打击我哈,别告诉我写 了这半天的还有语法 错误哈,枉费我做那 么多语法题了,单项选 择,我看着就晕了。 看我是中国人,还给你 写了评论,给点面子 ,你好歹回复一下, 听见没?
August 2, 2010 | Name: melon | From: China | Email
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Love the dordles. Used to be at WK India but the principals fired me. Take it lite, add me on facebook: samarjit bhattacharya
July 14, 2010 | Name: Sam | From: India | Email
Admin: Del Re: IP
Hola Chola lol just kidding hahaha i love your art hehe
i found your art when i got Google chrome and eventually got bored with my blue theme (classic)
i feel it make's the internet more entertaining haha :D hey did you know if you say your last name with an accent it sounds like DAAAAUMMM!!! (the fun way to say damn) yeah anyways im rableing
Bye :)
Nik says: LOL. Thanks for visiting Jose.
July 9, 2010 | Name: Jose De Armas | From: Concord,ca | Email
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