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Nik! Your art continues to be amazing and confusing. Greets from the UK, and pass love on to your sister and rot.

Still waiting for that promised cyberpr0on <_<

Just decided to swing by, as was reminiscing about all things Arts Magnet, and your site is ever a part of my loving memory of all things Arts. Doing well out here; I married a local and am quite happy (with no intention of returning to the States 'cept for visits).

Hope all is well and will be well in all manners of being well... and shiny things.

Virginia/Nina person!
November 27, 2007 | Name: Virginia | From: England, by way of Dallas | Email
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Sawasdee Jao Nik

Go check your email, I just sent it to you.

It's Loy Kratong festival in Chiang Mai today. It's going to be a beautiful night with full moon. Lots of lentern in the sky. Wish you were here Nik.
November 24, 2007 | Name: Aun | From: Chiang Mai | Email
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I found your site by accidentally on purpose, I guess. I had googled Dale Chihuly and found your picture you took at the Target office in Mpls. I spent the rest of the morning going month by month over your site. You are an interesting person, funny (the vespa you wanted but didn't need, but got anyway) and sexy. I enjoyed watching you groom yourself. You have a nice body. I look forward to seeing more of you and where your travels take you. Peace, Sandee
November 17, 2007 | Name: Sandee | From: Minneapolis, Minnesota | Email
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Bleak and beautiful.
November 16, 2007 | Name: Nigel Galashan | From: Belfast | Email
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I am an easily distracted person so I was suprised when I devoted all my attention to exploring every aspect of MEATLAND you have posted. I hope to see more!

just another chunk of meat
November 15, 2007 | Name: Nadia | From: DC | Email
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great thing you do with illustration. thanks for sharing.
October 21, 2007 | Name: Faustine Puras | From: Belgique | Email
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Your site is AMAZING! I laughed out loud a few times!
October 19, 2007 | Name: kristie | From: Hamilton, ON | Email
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hope you're well, nik.
October 17, 2007 | Name: brede | From: oslo
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well...not much to say...just that I spent the last 30 min looking at ur works. and I enjoyed it.
October 11, 2007 | Name: silvia | From: italy | Email
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October 8, 2007 | Name: grundy | From: damn good question
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