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Hope you had a good time in the porcelain capital, even though clay isn't your thing, there was I'm sure, some amazing things to see. Keep me posted when you update your blog with photos, I'd like to see what you all saw. Your website is a great; sarcastic, self deprecating and subtly bizarre. Don't work to hard out there in the big city.
Nik says: Thanks Patrick. It was great to meet you out there and get the rundown on the town.
July 13, 2009 | Name: Patrick Coughlin | From: Jingdezhen | Email
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Thankyou so much for your rubik's cube solution, it took me many days of persistance...but now i can nail the cube in 5 mins! So thank you very much! I am so impressed!
Nik says: Great news Shandi. Glad I could help.
May 23, 2009 | Name: shandi | From: australia | Email
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YO ... seriously twisted ... but it smells nice.
Billy Duron is going around all the bars here in Houston saying that he knows you.
How about a shout (
April 17, 2009 | Name: Zach | From: Houston | Email
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I love your website! I found it through your maine coon page and started cracking up! Do you have a maine coon? If so you should get one and walk it around on a harness and then when your kicking feathers with euro trash the cat can show off some mad feather attacking skills. My cat Jahomey Thunderpaws loves playing a game invented called "my bird, crippled bird." Enough said..
Nik says: Alas, no Maine Coon for me. Someday...
April 14, 2009 | Name: Jenny | From: Portland OR | Email
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Love your website! Just tried to send you a work related email but doesn't want to go through.
alternate email address??
March 14, 2009 | Name: magda sayeg | From: Austin, TX | Email
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Great site. I am glad I stumbled on this. I will be in Thailand again in a few weeks, you really raised my anticipation level. Keep livin,lovin and never stop wandering.
March 12, 2009 | Name: Tom Leonard | From: Troy (Detroit), MI | Email
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Creativity at last, what a breath of fresh air, .....................must be a draft in here somewhere......;)

Love it, love it, love it.

Perhaps we shared a brain in previous lives.
Anyhow am here in London now.
How goes the work with you bro? (excuse me if I am being too informal)

Projects are good here in Londinium and the pace is quiicker than a ................................please fill in the gap.

So, just wanted to say hello and thankyou for your unlabeled creativity.

Hold on Mobi is ringing.............

Right must go pick up the Mrs. from work. Uni has half day today and she has spent all morning trying to pacify a student revolution. Viva Che!

Signing off for now bro,

March 5, 2009 | Name: Vj Choolun | From: Mauritius, London, Greece | Email
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Hey Nik- What a small world. I saw a post of yours about Northern India on the LP Forum. Heading there next week. Glad to hear you made it back in one piece. Have a good time in the Shanghai office. And don't work too hard.
February 13, 2009 | Name: Mike Buckley | From: Portland/Amsterdam | Email
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I am doing research for a documentary on slum tours and I was wondering if I could ask you a couple of questions about your visit?
February 12, 2009 | Name: Marina Parker | From: London | Email
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Nice site. Interesting read.
Are you any relation to Linda Daum, Texas Tech, late 70's ? No, she doesn't owe me money, just curious.
Nik says: Not that I know of, Jay.
December 23, 2008 | Name: jay s. | From: Corinth (denton), Texas | Email
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