Another Day, Another Dinner

Yesterday, three games of soccer and 12 bottles of water. The temple was lit up for a festival. Today, 2 games of soccer and six bottles. No lights on the temple. We are mass consumers of the bottled water that up until we switched brands smelled suspiciously of farts.

We went to a supermarket, a relatively new development in Cambodia. It was a depressing clash to the rest of the city, and though it employed what seemed like 30 female clones in hospital color green, it didn’t stock children’s vitamins or lice shampoo. Fun motorcycle ride there and back.

This evening, S. and I and two of the teachers from the school walked to the math teacher’s house close to one of the pagodas for a dinner party. We were all dressed nicely and kind of reminded me of a Khmer version of Ocean’s 12. A lot of head turning as we walked by. Lots of seafood dishes and quite a banquet. I’m not too keen on Khmer food sadly, but there was some good fried fish and a vegetable omelet that were tasty. The local guests seem to enjoy the shellfish the most, popping them like chips. I learned that the vegetable they add to the curry and use in salads is called “Trop,” and is very common here. Lots of conversation, mostly on S.’s part as he is more enthusiastic to speak in understandable English. I often recede conversationally when he is around. When he isn’t around however, boy-oh-boy do I run at the mouth! The niece of the teacher spoke English well, as did most of the family.

Last night there were some of the loudest and meanest barking dogs next door that kept me from sleeping soundly. I finally have just cause to use the poisoned cuts of meat I packed for this trip.

Today I go to the bank.


Here are some of the little kids about to play the rubberband game.

Nik sitting on his bed, dressed in a traditional Khmer shirt, and thinking about the blisters on his left foot.

Kids crammed in a classroom watching TV on Friday night.

Nice cumulus clouds over some kids playing ball. The sky and been majestic this whole trip thanks to it being the rainy season. Sporadic showers everyday, but the water dries quickly.

More soon.

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i love all these pictures. i especially like the night-time classroom from your previous entry. ride those scooter things safely…

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