Doodlin’ and, Like a Day at the Mall!

July 22nd, 2005. Categories / Chiang Mai, Thailand

Last night I spent some time working on children’s book stories and doodling some weird morbid ideas on index cards. As soon as I buy a scanner I’ll start uploading said doodles.

I travel thousands of miles to spend my day at a mall not very different from any thing back home. S. needed to price computers and was very close to getting one (thankfully), but the cost issues will require some extra thought. The mall is not wholly unpleasant as it is good for Westernized Thai people watching, and there are a few subtle details that make the experience different. The largest is a food court that is basically a cleaner version of the outdoor market. All manner of cheap and delicious Thai foods, drinks, etc., all sold from stands and eaten at stubby long tables lined with condiments. It feels like a separate entity from the mall, but there it is built in. I had some awesome fish ball curry and noodles. I didn’t know fish had balls.

There, I ran into two separate groups of people I knew. S. and my friends K. and N. and our craftsman neighbors who were selling their paper machè creations at a Thai products convention upstairs. S. and I convinced the girls to get photos taken from a digital booth. We drove the attendant bonkers, I’m sure.

Tonight it pours rain. And I am soaked from the drive home. I type to the roar of water and watch swarms of lizards and ants that have fled inside to escape the deluge. Once again, a day in Thailand ends in its own special way.


Group photo I

Group Photo II

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