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Doodlin’ and Driving

Saturday, July 23rd, 2005

Worked on some doodles this morning after having gone to bed very late. The later in the night I work on children’s book ideas the creepier and morbid they seem to get. For instance one story idea is called “Die Death Die!” and is about a kid who seeks revenge on the Angel of Death because it claimed his pet cat. Another involves a severed foot that shows up at a family’s doorstep one night. And these are some of the milder ideas.

Sample doodle from “The Fart of Death”

Sample doodle from my Christmas story “Randolf the Green-Nosed Maimed Deer”

Today I’ve been mostly daydreaming. Though I took a drive around the neighborhood to clear my head. Here are some pictures from the drive:

Here is the road leading away from our house. There is a vast network of these country-style roads. They are either dirt or paved, mostly narrow. All are surrounded by lush green plants, peppered with dogs and chickens and people wandering around. There are shanty houses and enormous estates side by side. There’s also a military base and firing range. This may explain the random explosions I hear every week. I though that it was the power lines overloading, but the military explanation seems more likely now.

About 5 minutes away is this cool multi-level waterfall. Its roar is much louder than it’s size, and the spot is a tranquil place to read. I read some there today, but grasshoppers kept landing on me and freaking me out.

Here is my Honda Dorkacycle 110cc.

This enormous abandoned house looks like it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wrong.

Here is a nice lake near the university and also 5 minutes from home. At the lake, I kept getting mystery calls from a Thai girl that couldn’t speak English. I think she had the wrong number entered in her phone. I tried explaining who I was, but she didn’t know me. My only question: THEN WHY DO YOU KEEP DIALING MY NUMER, POO YING BA (crazy lady)?

There are two events happening this evening, neither of which I think I’m going to. One is some crafts fair. Another is a screening of Winged Migration. I bought some greens and broccoli and mangos and bananas and spices and soy milk. So I think I’ll be frying up some much needed greens and garlic, and at best catch the tail end of the festival. I’m not feeling very social today.

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