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The Dance

Sunday, August 21st, 2005

Yesterday I was on videotape duty for J. dance performance. I sat through both shows, seeing the vibrant and energetic dance unfold on a 2 inch LCD screen with the nervous tension of keeping the subjects in frame. But the show went off without a hitch, to full attendance. The music was delightful, a hybrid of a Latin style trio from Bangkok and a composer that had flown in from New York. It was the first time I had seen J. dance, and the experience was seeing her go into a phone booth to come out a superhero. There was tension between the band and the dancers because they had little time to coordinate and rehearse in person, but it all calmed down before show time. Many people I knew were in attendance. I got to sit up in the light box looking at people’s crowns and cleavage. The after party involved the same band and dancing. The restaurant was pleasant and crowded, full of energy. The after after party was at a predominately Thai patronized bar called Warm Up. Setting: many stylish and youthful Thais, swarms of motorbikes, a sprawling complex that look like someone built a covered courtyard and coy pond between an old pizza shop, restaurant, and rave club. Food stalls out front by the road.

Some pictures:

J. and R. during rehearsal.

J. during dance.

A. on the drums.


J. and A.

L. making a face from the balcony.

Also, thanks to those who expressed concern over my weird thumb disorder. It has been diagnosed, by me, as a common wart. And as I feel obliged to do with my warts, I cut at it daily with the scissors of my generic Swiss Army knife. Soon, I will get it frozen off. But seeing as I lost my flower on the same day my last wart was removed, I am uncertain how this removal can be as memorable. And aren’t favorable memories the only reason to seek medical attention? I like to describe my skin as sloughing though. Slough, slough, slough!

Today I sprayed poison on our bamboo furniture to hopefully deter further termite infestation. One chair is the subject, and the other four are the control group.

There was a bug that looked like a cross between a beetle and Satan in our downstairs bathroom. Glorify him. I have a large colony of large ants living in my potted. There is a snail that has a big conical shell living by our kitchen. The whole back porch is snail infested, in a good way. But only one snail I can call Coney. The rest are named Cinnamon Roll X, where X is a number between one and the total number of snails. Dragonflies were swarming outside yesterday for about 2 hours.

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