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The Dream, the Guitar, and the Meatland

Thursday, September 22nd, 2005

Last night I went to sleep late. I had a historic dream. After years of being fascinated with meat, it finally dreamt of it.

I was in the woods at night near a cabin and campfire. The moonlight was very bright. I was given an enormous sack with an equally enormous pig’s head inside. The head had been semi-cooked, and it was my job to take a knife and cut of slabs of meat to add to the soup that was simmering in a big cauldron over the fire. I hesitated, weirded out, but dug in with my knife and cut off steak sizes chips of meat that I hung on a fence until the broth got hot enough. I clearly remember the feeling of the knife cutting the head and how I had to scrape the knife a certain way to remove a surprising amount a soggy white hairs from the skin.

Later in the dream, a man rode in on a horse. He had matted white hair and dirt smudged on his face except for around his piercing blue eyes. He invited himself to eat with me, and though I was scared of him I couldn’t object.

Today I practiced guitar some more and printed out the tabs for four songs I want to learn: Needle in the Hay (Elliot Smith), True Love Waits (Radiohead), Scientist (Coldplay), Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana).

This evening I started modeling the city from the “story” I’m working on. I want to start getting more imagery going for this project while I work on the words.

Here’s a rendering of the superstore and the tycoon tower surrounded by highways.

Night falls as Browny watches over the town.

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