Walking and Google Earth

January 15th, 2006. Categories / Portland

Google finally released Google Earth for the Mac and I have been playing around with it for a few days. Performance could be better on my laptop, but it is still amazing that I fly around the world from the convienience of my chair. Already I’ve scoped out all of the cities I’ve lived, Thailand, China, Japan, New Zealand, Egypt, Italy and Greece. This program wiill improve my geographic knowlege considerably, and my hobby will be adding labels to Chiang Mai.

I went on a walk this morning and came home to map my route. Here it is:

What neat about Portland, is that on this one short walk I get to see posh urban renewal, dying China Town, the well dressed, hoboes, bridges and water, warehouses and river, as well as the heart of downtown. A lot of variety for such a short time.

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Sosia Bert:

so cool! also, very glad to hear about the tooth grinding. mainly because i’m glad that you don’t have to get a root canal. don’t stress, nikolas, life is pretty good.

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