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I just noticed a new program Google released to work with it beta version of Google Earth (GE). Sketchup is a fairly simple 3d modeling and texture tool for making down and dirty 3d-models. The most obvious application is adding texture-mapped buildings into GE. It has import and export settings that let you build right on the satellite data using real world dimensions. I played around with it this morning, making my apartment building:

I plan on making a better version, as well as improving/finishing the version of where I work:

Here’s a suit I think many a man could use:

Text reads: As a sensitive fellow, you know that talking to the fairer sex is a act fraught with liabilities. You deserve better. You deserve anonymity. You deserve a FLIRTING SAFETY SUIT. In this wonderful, high-quality suit you are free to chat away with the ladies. Any negative reactions slide off your back like water off a DUCK SUIT (sold separately). Who knows, maybe with your newfound confidence you’ll be talking your way into almost certain acts of sexual intercourse!*

*Results may vary.

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way cool with the google earth 3d building thing! totally awesome. can’t wait to add my brownstone! thanks for the tip.

oh, and i love the sketches, birch!

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June 13th, 2006. Categories / Dordles, Projects

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