New Dordles and Beached!

August 6th, 2006. Categories / Dordles, Portland

Some new Dordles:

Everybody needs scapegoats.

The forest warriors.

See more at my DORDLES page.

This weekend I spent a breezy, sunny Sunday at the beach. The sand was warm and clean, perfect for lying on, listening to the surf, and reading about Brazil.

Some photos:

The road through the woods to the coast.

Complicated breaking in the rock seen in the previous picture.

A laundry explosion.

Som tom salad in prepared form. One green papaya yields a large bowl of salad.

The first batch of green curry made using kaffir lime leaves. They make a difference!



i told you those leaves made the difference.


it was good seeing you this weekend…oh-wait…

just kidding. wish we could’ve hung out, but looks like you managed to have a good time regardless :-)



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