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A few more photos

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Fall is in full force around Portland. Leaves are vibrant shades of red and yellow; the air is gust and cool. Here are a few more photos of the week finishing out:

Students from WK12 working on part of a ocean-themed miniature golf hole.

Ocean-themed birthday cake.

Friday Bump game had a large turn out. Beer, cake, birthday celebration, and good old-fashioned sportsmanship. For those that don’t know, Bump is a daily game played at my office. A player shoots from the free throw line. If they miss, the person shoots his ball and tries to sink it before the person in front. If he does, the first player is out for the round. Both players are able to bump the other player’s ball with their own. It’s a frantic and competitive game when the right people are playing. And on Friday, there were about 20 people.

I shared a table at Stumptown Comics Convention, but sold none of my books. The day was a bust.

Portland seen from the Northeast industrial area.

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