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A week in multimedia

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

It was a boring week, but a visually interesting post.

A weird, wet stack of shoes and ergonomic keyboard that I found in my neighborhood.

The mellowest dog I’ve met, with the personality of a stoned old man.

Ladytron performed at Wieden Kennedy. Photo courtesy of WK STUDIO

The next day we had two live cheetahs on display. This place is starting to feel like the excessive Roman Empire with our atrium as Colosseum. Photo courtesy of WK STUDIO

Scaring V. with a fake Nik corpse positioned at the top of the stairs.

Goodbye S.

I achieved my highest score ever in Scrabble: 355. Beat that, God!

J. and blanket.

Now, a couple moving pictures:

I’m practicing crossing the finish line because in any race I will be the triumphant winner and all will cower before my winning. This is something I helped make for Nike.

Here’s an animatic I did for fun to promote Google’s gmail service. Never got around to fully animating it, but it is one of many weird wild animations I had planned. Too bad I’m lazy.

And lastly, a new song called I’ll Be was posted HERE.

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