Big Pimpin’

There are very few modern day Renaissance men. Fortunately my friend C. upholds the multi-talented tradition of da Vinci, Donatello, Raphael and Splinter. He works with equal comfort among many creative registers: drawing, painting, guitar, cooking, soccer, and knee surgery. He may not arrive somewhere on time or in style, but he does arrive.

Recently C. has made it big in the movie industry. Perhaps you’ve seen his work in such movies as Total Recall 2: Quade’s Baby, Aladdin & Ariel: Happily Ever After Under the Sea, and most recently the blockbusting animated smash hit of the summer critics are talking about Monster House.

The movie is already on DVD, but C. has a lot of his concept work in a making of book available on Amazon. Plus, some pretty amazing samples of his work can be found on his personal site. What the book doesn’t imply is that C. was responsible for the look of most of what you seen on screen. But he was. And in his less modest moments, he’ll remind you of this.



You forgot to mention how hot he looks in soccer shorts thanks.


when are my modest moments?


when you see ME in soccer shorts. that’s when.

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