My Old Spice Commercial

January 17th, 2007. Categories / Projects

My Old Spice (OS) spot is finally on air. The ad is a throwback to the “1-800-PROVE-IT” OS ads that ran from the 80s until shockingly recently. The twist is in the performance claims and wordplay. [CENSORED]

I consider this spot a success. It doesn’t ask for much or try to sparkle for your attention through flashy graphics, but it does speak from the heart. Or at least the spokesman does.

Watch the spot below. I will upload a higher quality version soon.


chris Appelhans:

ahaha awesome. i love the uncomfortable cuts between cameras…

knife-fight would have been funnier though…oh well.


i was wondering how you were gonna top the bruce campbell one…but you did. i wish i got channels on my tv.


i saw this!!! and i told everyone in the room (3 people) that you did it. woot.


Awesome commercial
What is the name of the announcer?
He cracks me up.

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