Wieden + Kennedy’s New Motto

Last year the school, 12, at Wieden + Kennedy made a wall of clear pushpins. The message was “Fail Harder,” an embrace of failure during the creative process. This wall is the unofficial motto of both the agency and the school. Although I understand failure (as I fail in every facet of my life, repeatedly and deeply), embracing failure isn’t an option. The path to success isn’t through failure, it’s through succeeding. And right around the corner from this wall is my motto: “SUCCEED EASIER.” Not only is it a more positive spin, but it’s also lazy and salty. Like me.


chris Appelhans:

layin down some rhetorical smack…BAM


If you make t-shirts, I’ll buy one.


nik, you so salty.

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June 18th, 2007. Categories / Portland

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