Spirit Cats and Banjo

This is an untimely post, but in the spirit world, time is meaningless. This weekend, a group of friends and I were eating dinner outside of J.’s house at a table we set up in the grass. The sun had set and we were well into the meal when I spotted a grey, long-haired Persian cat walking silently around the far corner of the building. It didn’t bother to look at us as it walked along the sidewalk. This cat had the cool detachment of something that had stalked its route many times. Its face was flat and wise, if not a little sinister. We looked at it for not more than a minute before it’s even weirder partner wandered out from the same corner. He was also not a cat of this world. He was a spirit cat. Between cracking up and petting it, we had a collective awakening.

Also, I got a banjo. Practicing will be hard with such a loud instrument and thin walls. Maybe I’ll get evicted hillbilly style.

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It’s so funny to stumble on this journal entry with 0 context other than searching “spirit cat persian” in google and clicking on the first wildly wise mush-face to make a deeper impression on me. Portland, too! I just moved from there. Perfect capsule of experience.

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August 10th, 2007. Categories / Portland

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