Just Another Manic Mushroom

October 24th, 2007. Categories / Portland

It’s just another manic Mushroom
I wish it was a shiitake
‘Cause that’s my fungi
My I don’t have to hyphae
It’s just another manic Mushroom
–The Bangles

Thanks to a tip from J., I changed my walking commute this morning to pass by a treasure trove of giant mushrooms growing in some short bushes in front of a sign store. These are mushrooms that time forgot, swelling and busting out of the ground like monsters. It’s primordial feeling. Unfortunately, the sidewalk on that section of the street was closed due to road construction so I couldn’t take any pictures. Hopefully, a construction worker on his break won’t discover them. For much like the beautiful unicorn, once you see them you are destined to destroy them. They don’t belong to this world. They are beautiful, but abominations against the natural order.

The following is a rendering to approximate what they look like until I can take a photo:

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