Thief on the loose! and boring meal details as winter rounds the bend

October 17th, 2007. Categories / Portland

Not much interesting had been going on recently…until yesterday. Around 1:30 at work, someone stole the laptop of a freelancer. He had gone to a brief meeting, and when he returned it was gone. The few people sitting nearby noticed nothing suspicious. While the robber was stealthy, he wasn’t very perceptive in his heist. Not only did the laptop have stickers on the outside, but it also had a Swedish keyboard. This was his personal laptop. Beyond losing all of his browsing history, saved passwords and personal files, he had also lost the files for his 3 months of work at our office.

If this incident inspired a major motion picture if would be the sequel to 1991’s smash hit Sleeping with the Enemy. It would be called Working with the Enemy, and I would play the Ben, the lovable neighbor. The thief would star as the abusive Martin, and the Julia Robert’s character would be played my an amalgam of all the attractive brunette coworkers. This blockbuster psychological thriller would leave the audience on the edge of their seats, wondering: “Who’s the fool stealing laptops?”

Is he a coworker? A visitor? A meth addict, dressed upped and stealing stuff to pawn? You?

Much like Sleeping with the Enemy, this story has an unresolved happy ending. Someone from work knew the owner of a computer repair store across town. It had been contacted when the coworker’s friend had her computer stolen. Presumably, it was one of many store contacted during the first search. The coworker called the store and asked him to keep an eye out for this laptop. Silence on the other line. He stutters. “I’m looking at that computer.”

Now the thief is double stupid. Not only did he take a distinctive computer in for repair, but he took it to a place familiar to someone from work. It was either a fluke or sixth sense that drove the coworker to call the shop, but now the net is set. If the thief comes back, he’s busted. If he doesn’t come back, the laptop has been found.

But something is fishy. The owner of the store claims that he doesn’t remember who left the laptop, what the customer wanted done to the computer, or his name or address. Yeah right. Either the store knows the person who dropped it off, or is otherwise in cahoots in this laptop stealing plan. What reputable repair shop wouldn’t ask for contact information or for the customer to DESCRIBE THE PROBLEM THEY NEED FIXED? More, how could you possibly forget a customer a day later with such a low volume of customer interaction. It’s just doesn’t add up.

In other news, I made a nice batch of laarb salad with chicken and tom yom soup earlier this week for dinner. Roasted coconut milk was to drink.

The leaves are falling. The air is wet and cold. Winter is coming fast, a season of being inside in the heat and outside with umbrellas. The reclusive part of me is looking forward to it, the rickets part of me misses the sun.






chris Appelhans:

nice plates


seriously. those orange plates are disorientating when i look at your blog.


is disorientating a word? it is 2:30 am goodnight.


I’m pretty sure it’s a word. You can also say disoriented.

Those orange plates freak me out too. But they are so bright that I don’t have to wash them because they never look dirty (especially if I eat orange foods like sweet potatoes and sherbet).

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