Where Three Waters Meet

January 23rd, 2008. Categories / Los Angeles

Some water brings joy, some will be crossed, and the rest is kept in check.

A week ago I wanted to take a shower. This isn’t an unusual desire. Unfortunately, taking a shower in my apartment was a joyless exercise in gallstone pee-trickle water pressure. But that night something clicked. I marched into the bathroom, grabbed the shower head with my bear hand and twisted it off. Inside was a rubber stopper with three holes–a low flow attachment! Worse, two of the holes were blocked by large flecks of rust. It was only running on one cylinder. With gusto, I took the piece out, reattached the head, and turned the tap. Heaven’s gate opened before me, roaring jets rushing like the thunder of the apocalypse. This shower’s meant for elephant and god’s alike. I nearly wept for joy on the first use, as the pressure was great enough to wash away all disappointment of showers past. Almost.

This week I’m in Los Angeles finishing three commercials for television. Pretty easy, but time consuming, final steps feel like watching paint dry sometimes. But that’s not entirely bad, except for two mornings of 7AM conference calls.

Directly outside the hotel is the Pacific ocean. During the walk to the editing and mixing facilities, I get a brief clean wind coming from the vastness. I am small. My problems are small. But I walk to them regardless. The ocean will be there tomorrow, ready to give perspective to the petty dealings of everyday.

I will cross an ocean in a month to join C. in Paris and journey around the pompous, aged culture of the European continent. I hope to make it to Spain or Greece, or somewhere unplanned. As they would say in Spain while speaking english, “I’m very excited about this trip.”

I’ve begun working on a new brief for a certain product that you put under your arms that prevents a person from something and reduces malodor. I can’t tell you what the product is, but I’ve been having fun coming up with ideas for it. Hopefully one of them will get made. It will be my sweaty swan song.

This is the place where waters meet. Sloshy sloshy, joy joy.

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have fun in paris! if you go to spain, be sure to say in spanish “Soy muy excitado” because it doesn’t mean what you think it means.

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