My spots on the Superbowl: “Queen of Hearts” & “Firefly”

My spots for aired on the Super Bowl this evening!

“Queen of Hearts” – Watch the hi-res version on my site here

“Firefly” – Watch the hi-res version on my site here

If you want to watch them in shitty quality, you can view them through the following youtube clips:

“Queen of Hearts”


It’s hilarious to watch all of the constructive feedback on the web. There are some classy folks on youtube, that’s for sure. The reviews are mixed.

TIME Magazine:

A woman — not counting Danica Patrick and the Doritos singer girl, the first woman protagonist in an ad tonight — sits depressed at her work station, watching her boss laugh it up in his office, watching TV and eating a lobster. Her heart bursts out of her chest and lands beating on the keyboard, runs into the boss’ office and holds up an “I QUIT” sign. Tag: “Follow your heart.” Disgusting, and beautiful.

From a blog:

Depressing and a little bit disgusting. A pretty young female employee’s heart rips from her chest and turns in its notice to an abusive boss. Barf. Nothing motivates like sad and gloomy.

The campaign is filled out with a lot of print, outdoor, and these two great spots from my coworkers:

“Self-Help Yourself”

“Help You Help You”

Overall, I’m pretty happy. But the best is yet to come.


Jon Klassen:

man those came out so nice. especially the heart one. i love his little walk.


Thanks for the compliments my good sir. Hope things are going well down there in sunny town.


jesus christ, the you tube comments…no hope for mankind…

my opinion is these are great and quite hopeful at their core, leaving no room for slackerish moping. unfortunately the server dedicated to Opinions on the internet is full, with hateful youtube comments, so this opinion will probably never be seen on your blog…:(

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