Dordles app (beta) on Facebook!

March 17th, 2008. Categories / Dordles

Inspired by SXSW, I made my first simple Facebook application yesterday. It randomly loads a Dordle to your profile, bringing a little bit of weirdness every day. Hopefully, people that like my Dordles will be able to share them to their friends.

It took a little effort to figure out enough PHP and FBML to get the ball rolling, but it rolls. Dordle app is a work in progress; I will be adding and fixing features.

You can try it out here.


Jon Klassen:

i did it, but i dont see any dordles on my profile. …this is probably my fault.


same here…


Sorry for the issue. Try clicking on the link to the application on the left hand menu. It should load the most recent version.

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