Spring is in the air! So are dongz!

March 23rd, 2008. Categories / Portland

Spring is in the air in this rainy town. All over, nature is blossomin’ and bloomin’ into a vibrant wonderland. Yesterday the clouds broke to reveal a sweeping blue sky and mild temperatures. J. and I went on a short hike in Forest Park, and spent a lot of daylight outside at a yuppie sidewalk cafe and reading in a muddy park. I’m almost finished with the zarking big compilation of Hitchhiker’s Guide stories. A few pictures:

Notice how sun makes everyone fall in love? Even these two disparate fools.

In other exciting news, I worked swiftly on Saturday to throw together a new website from scratch. It’s a bit inspired by icanhascheezburger, but not of nearly the universal appeal. From the get go, I’m experimenting with different ad options.

Introducing http://www.lookzlikedongz.com, the daily source for anything that looks like dongs!

Heres a sample:

We’ll see where this goes.


Jon Klassen:

boy thats a nice font you’re using for all the dong words. did you draw that font yourself?


if you made the site over the weekend, how does it have posts going back two months? me confused.


I am a time sorcerer! Sha-zam!


YEAH what is that font???


It’s called KISS KISS BANG BANG, a free font from Cape-Arcona.

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