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I quit.

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Yesterday, I gave notice at work. Like picking an itchy scab, I wondered if it was the best idea. But at the end, it felt so good. The last two years have been great: The job has taught a lot, taken me around the country a bit, not been too stressful, and put some clams in my bucket. Portland has been relaxing, comfortable, cheap, and wet. I’ve played lots of Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2, eaten a lot of nuts and fruit. I’ve seen a few friends smile and fart, cry and explode, come and go. It’s been a far happier time than anything I’ve done domestically since finishing school.

But my feet are itchy, and it’s not just fungus this time. The next few months will be exciting, especially as June rolls around and J. and I board a plane for Thailand. Hopefully China and/or India and/or Japan will be in the itinerary too. Details to come.

Today was the 26th anniversary of the company, and a day off. Activities started in the morning with people splitting into groups and getting bused to various community service activities. I chose to plant trees and weed invasive plants at a part on the edge of town.

View out the front of the bus while on the highway.

Bus driver.

Plants ready to be planted.

J.O. with an earthworm on her glove.


My footwear.

V. and P.’s holes.

Most of the group behind their haul.

Pitching a pile of English Ivy into the truck to haul away.

After the morning activities, everyone met for more speeches and hundred of plates getting smashed, Greek-Style in the atrium. The weather was unusually great, so a lot of people lingered on the deck.

J.O. and cola on deck.

Within walking distance was the evening venue: a bar. The Southern Gold Band played. They were a skillful 70s cover band comprised of three obese men. In the back were pool tables, karaoke, and food. Drinks flowed as freely as the roasted meats and colon cancer. I was feeling tired from the sun exposure, so I walked home before the real debauchery could begin.

I know that it will be hard to find a better job than the one I’m leaving. It’s a special place. And it’s raining again.

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