Minor Moments, Tiny Waterfall

One week left before leaving Thailand for the foreseeable future. I’m excited about China, but sad to see the lazy life go. Since my time here is so limited, I feel compelled to do some of the most exciting things Thailand has to offer:

Obviously post card moments abound, especially with the rice.

Here are a few things I’ve seen while I haven’t been elbow deep in programming:

Dog sleeping on a table as seen from our balcony.

Electrical boxes and wires outside an electronics store of all places.

An amazing sandwich from a restaurant called Amazing Sandwich on Huay Kaew Road near Kad Suan Kaew Mall.

This photo is from a few days ago when nothing good was on TV. Haha, do you see what I did there? I made you think that I didn’t want Osama to win. What? Haha, you see what I did there? But in all seriousness, it was good news.

I’ve been meaning to get a picture of nam plah prik, the common table condiment in Thailand. It’s mostly fish sauce and sliced fresh chilies.

Today after lunch, J. and went for a little drive in the neighborhood between Doi Suthep and the canal road. It’s a wonderful area full of huge old mansions, overgrown jungle, vacant lots, fruit orchards, cows, stray dogs, dirt roads, flowers and hills. A lot of the streets feel untraveled and forgotten except for the loner that lives at the end. Our goal was to find a small waterfall I went to a few times three years ago. SPOILER ALERT: We found it.

Bamboo fence.

The dirt road between bamboo.


The waterfall seen from the lonely road.


River plants.

Bee on a flower by the falls.

Moss clumps.

J. and the falls.

The waterfall had more water falling than I remembered. That made it better than I remembered too. The plants along the banks were overgrown, and the whole place felt quieter and secludeder than in 2005. The area must have been a micro-climate, as there many types of plants I haven’t seen elsewhere in town. I wonder how many other little waterfalls are nearby and waiting to be discovered.

While we might not find them, slowly but surely we are mapping more of this town to our memories.

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how long are you guys going to be in china? are you coming back here after that?

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