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Zhaojiabang and Ruijin

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

The closest intersection to our apartment has been under construction since we arrived in Shanghai. In fact, all of Shanghai has been under construction. Practically every street has received some kind of repair such as repaving, new electrics, new curbs, building restoration, steamed bun polishing, leaf sweeping, rail painting, pipe laying, etc.
Like everywhere in town, the sidewalks and curbs are getting replaced with new stones.

I pass through Zhaojiabang and Ruijin intersection first thing every morning and have enjoyed navigating its progress. Buildings on a wide median were leveled. Then the median was leveled. Then the intersecting street’s median was leveled. As the Zhojiabang parkway was being restored in parts, it was being destroyed in others. The intersection seemed to be growing. After months of jackhammering, the streets have finally been repaved.
J. and unknown man cross a freshly paved Ruijin.
The massive intersection.
Standing between cars on a failed crosswalk attempt.
A sign above the ghetto entrance to a sad shopping center. Luckily across the street, a replacement is being built.

Now the intersection is vast and pedestrian unfriendly. There’s a large, vague area in the middle where cars just seem to use for whatever maneuver they want. The two massive streets don’t make for a very intimate neighborhood and serve as a slightly intimidating barrier to walking anywhere nearby.

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