Korea Bound

September 27th, 2009. Categories / China, Shanghai

Korea Bound.

J. and I are going to Seoul, Korea for the National Day Holiday at the beginning of October. This will be my first time in the land of kimchi and metal chopsticks and I’m excited. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to figure out what I want to do there or learn any of the basics of the language. I think the trip will turn out great regardless. If any of you, my three readers, have any recommendations for Seoul, please leave them in the comments.

A few photos from this weekend:
Amazing old building being preserved in a vast construction lot.
Man walking by backhoe. CLICK IMAGE FOR LARGER VERSION.
Emergency fire buckets.
Delicious cauliflower and bacon dish from Sichuan Citizen. So oily, but so good.
The entrance to Tesco under a sports stadium near the serviced apartment.
Moon cake!
Filed with fig!

This morning, we heard distant yelling outside the apartment. From the balcony, we watched a crowd gather around a pushing match between two guys in suits and a drunk man without shoes. The drunk man pulled ties, got thrown to the ground, got pushed around, did some pushing. Every walk of life gathered around the the action, leaving a safety radius of a few feet. The spectators were calm. Much like any minor spectacle in China, the observers were curious and mellow like cats.
A fight on the street outside the hotel between a drunk man and two guys in suits.
It’s free entertainment.
A nice crowd gathers.

Eventually, the loud drunkard set himself down in a wicker chair and blocked the driveway to the hotel. This brought our security to action. The skinny boys in gray confiscated his beer bottle and hauled him across the busy street to the grassy median. By then, J. and I had moved down to street level to get a better look. But the whole conflict was more sad than anything.

There were no police.



the last time i was in seoul all my parents’ friends wanted to do was take me to department stores and feed me Western food. however, i have lots of friends and cousins who have had good times there. check yer email…


When I was in Korea, I loved loved loved going to the saunas and everyday since I have resented the fact that they are not nearly as plentiful, cheap, or luxurious in the States.


In Korea now. Will try the saunas hopefully. Thanks for the tips.

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