A Few Photos Around Dallas

Twenty-ten: the future! Over the past week, J. and I went around Dallas in search of hover-cars and autonomous robots and all we found was this:

Prickly pears in abundance outside Pandemonium Ltd.

Bushes outgrowing the sign.

A new coffee shop on Henderson: The Pearl Cup.

Foamy waters at the Nasher Sculpture Garden.

Water grasses.

J.’s parents looking skyward in Turrell’s skyspace, Tending (Blue).

The sky.

Walking on a pole.

Pippy sitting on a deer.

Pipe meets stump.

Slow drip Vietnamese coffee.

Vietnamese sandwich.

Pork vermicelli bowl.

The Casket Store near North Central Expressway.

Blue walls.

Letters missing.

Man in plaid walking down the road.

Ken’s Mufflers.

Drainage hole in Turtle Creek. Legend has it that a drunk driver’s car fell into this very hole.

Not quite a duck, not quite a turkey.

Fishing Cormorant on a tree.

Horizontal ripples caused by a landing duck.

Woodpecker hole.

Grizzlybeard and Sparkleeyes.

The gem.

Cactus in planter in the old offices near Exposition.

Abandoned office.

Four kinds of stone.

Warehouse and levee.

_ G

Half demolished building.

An empty street with Reunion Tower in the distance.

Afternoon light.


Sign painted on hand-made bricks.

Tree shadow on a brick wall.

Texas Mill Equipment Company.

Spray-painted signage for a hairstylist on Singleton.


Taqueria Cordova.

Hand painted signs.

507 Singleton.

A menacing painting.

Muffler Sundays.

Morenos Tire Shop.

Train tracks at sunset.

A couple carrying a fake Christmas tree down the street.

SMOKE, a great barbeque restaurant on Ft. Worth Ave.

Hominy at SMOKE.

Whole hog sandwich.

Visiting my old stomping grounds: Sidney Lanier Elentery School.

A door splattered by something.

E. levitating like we did 20 years ago on the same poles.

J. on the pole.

Me and E.


Historic Eagle Ford schoolhouse on Chalk Hill Road.

Car scraps near the highway.

A hobo house.



Yellow Cab building.

The old Forest Theater.

Falafel sandwich.

Abandoned cars on Jefferson in Grand Prairie.

New pipe.

Now I need to find a job.


So many images are presented landscape that when you toss a portrait-orientated one in there it really stands out — neat.


we got a new car for taking trips in. just saying.

kelli tried an expresso from the pearl cup and said the ratio of milk to coffee was off in favor of milk by like 2:1. they were very nice tho. i got some cosmic cafe into my visit as well. there’s nothing quite like that place anywhere i’ve found. did you wonder around the new arts district while at the nasher? there were like 3 new giant buildings down there since the last time i was in town. wild. i love your shots around the cities less polished side. we rode bikes from my mom’s to the new katy trail and back and it was impressive the diversity of what we saw. katy trail is brand new and basically glitters, my mom’s area is very old school oak cliff nice, and between the two we saw so much that reminds me of your dallas posts. some stuff utterly endearing and some kinda depressing in context. but i’m rambling. i mostly just wanted to say how much i liked that train tracks at sunset shot. the light on the tracks is rather awesome; it looks like a long exposure of car lights on a curvy road.


Wow Daniel, major props for biking through Dallas in the winter. I’m guessing people looked at you guys with confusion?

I like milky coffee, so I have no complaints for Pearl. But it was milky.



wat is your phone # now?

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