Photos Before Kauai

Before leaving for ten days in Kauai, here are a few photos from not Kauai:

The start of the Katy Trail near American Airlines Center.

Granite walls.

Long stretch of bamboo.

A path through the bamboo.

Invasive Chinaberry.

The old stomping ground of my childhood: Highland Park Pharmacy.

J. standing on a pile of ice cubes.

Patriotic mural.

A cross in the median.

Cherry picker on the a Trinity River levee.

Jan’s Food Store.

No thanks.

Part of downtown Dallas seen from Hampton Bridge.

Old office.

Hand painted sign outside a taqueria.

Old dry cleaning sign.


Pumping iron.


Food pallets.

Old garage.

Pumping hydrant water on an icy day.

Delicious buffet of Mediterranean food in far North Dallas.

Homemade sweat potato chips.

Chicken pho from a vietnamese restaurant called Vietnam Restaurant.

Delicious winter salad from Fireside Pies.

Delicious spicy sausage pizza from the same place.

The entrance to the Buchanan Flea Market at Fair Park.

Ferris wheel and lagoon.

Knobby roots.

Sculpture win the lagoon for walking on.

Another view of the sculpture.

I like turtles!



Gaseous algae.

Art Deco eras buildings.



Man and bird haul two large wheels.


Attack diagram.

Dried weeds and a bright blue fountain.

The old entrance to the Cotton Bowl.

Silver nudes thrust into the promenade.

The facilities.

Ram sculpture.

Cat tails at White Rock Lake.

Dry hill.


Not dog?

Shadows and railing.

Kids fishing with their father on a pier.

A Hitchcockian moment.

Time to work on my shark bites.

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