A Quick Sunday Walk to Corona Heights and Buena Vista Parks

Sunday! This day, the Lord’s day, I used to squander. But now that I’m working again, Sunday has reclaimed its purpose as a day to rest, recharge, and worry about things.

For the past week, I’ve been freelancing downtown. Work has added structure to my life again, and I’ve greeted it with a casual pat on the back as the hug of homophobic male friends. The commute is simple: take one crowded bus downtown and walk a few blocks through the skyscrapers to a little alley street. From there, I get buzzed in and begin my day. Coming home, I pass by all walks of life, including the melting pot of Market St.

The hours have been fine so far, but I’ve lost my ability to go on adventures. Luckily, today I was able to go on a walk to the top of Corona Heights and Vista Park.

Here are some photos. They can all be enlarged:


Hobo goods and a marked wall.

A delicious cup of Blue Bottle Coffee.

Turquoise car and violets.

Dripped paint artwork.

Utility building.

An insane looking flower.

Peeling paint.

The N Line tunnel near Duboce Park.

The rust-colored pigeon runs from the cart he knocked over.

Climbing Duboce Ave. towards Buena Vista Park.


Massive entryway.

Corona Heights Park looked like ruins from afar but ended up being stones on a grassy hill.

The view from Corona Heights Park.

Stones and the radio tower of Twin Peaks.

Looking at Market St. from Corona Heights.

Hanging flowers.

A cluster of purple.

“S” marks the barn.


Onion dome.

St. Ignatius Church as seen from Buena Vista Park.

Poops on a rail.

Wooden stairs.

Free boots.

A decorative church.

Colorful Victorians off Haight St.

Time has started to play tricks on me again. Last week passed incredibly slowly, and it already feels like I’ve been working for a lifetime. Next week begins tomorrow, and I look forward to the new lessons, money, and experiences with butterflies in my stomach.



“Poops on a rail” should be the name of this website. :-p

Lovely, evocative shots – but one small correction. In image #4, with the turquoise car, those aren’t violets – that’s lavender, and very nice lavender, too. Other than that, great work. Carry on!


I’m not sure it’s lavender either, now that I look at it.

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