The Final Pre-Scooter Weekend

May 10th, 2010. Categories / San Francisco

Freelance came to an end on Friday, and there’s a little downtime before my new full-time job starts. What better way to make the most of it than to buy a new, high-powered Vespa 250 GTS and tool around town looking for a place to live? Answer: There is no better way. But this post isn’t about scooters. I just got it today, but the following photos are from the sad, safe, and slow-moving “Pre-Scooter Era.”

If a tree falls on Hayes, and no one is around to hear it, does it take down the bus line?

Watching the fallen the tree.


Orange window on a Fillmore Church.


Pink doors.

Man soliciting charity car wash secretly checks out hottie in a red VW.

Cowboy Jack and seashell encrusted dash.

Blue wall and window openings.

J. and flowers.

Back walls.

Flowering plant.

Muscle car.

Old front door.

Ocean Beach seen from Sutro Heights Park.

Promenade in the park.

Guano encrusted rocks.

Two dogs race.

Man with radio headphones looks at the ocean.

Father, son, and a bunch of little dogs.

The ocean.

A loner and his bag of groceries walking home above the Sutro Bath ruins.

The remains of Sutro Baths.

Old foundation.

Algae island.


J on the wall.

Looking out the cave.

Geary Parkway Motel sign.

Lone shoe on window.

Trad’r Sam, a polynesian themed dive bar on Geary.

Parking sign.

Fog horn seen from China Beach.

Tan man at China Beach.

Spout teaming with greenery.


Trail to Baker Beach.


Golden Gate Bridge from the “Gauntlet.”

Wood sculpture on the trail to Inspiration Point.

Wooded trail.

It was a great weekend on foot and bus. Ten miles hiking, good lunches, snacks and wonderful views. Unfortunately, all the blooming things have given me an allergy head cold.

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