An Entire Weekend to Collect Myself

On Friday, I bought J and I matching iPhone 4s (more thoughts on this in a later post). Afterwards, we met V for a filling Thai dinner and a high definition screening of Total Recall on his large TV. The combination of a new phone and already having seen the movie made it hard for me to keep my eyes glued to the unexpected and harrowing series of events Quaid endured.

Total Recall is slowly becoming part of my identity, much like Jurassic Park, Tremors, and Full House. If my brow were any higher, it would be scraping the firmament!

On Saturday, J and I met V at the Renegade Craft Fair at Fort Mason. After browsing, we walked down Crissy Field and ate sandwiches from the Warming Hut. While we waited for our bus back from the Golden Gate Bridge toll plaza, we kicked the feather.

Steve Zissou in his personal sailboat near Fort Mason.


Warning sign.

Double decker walkway.


Woman walking on pier.


Fallen soldier.

San Francisco is starting to look like China sometimes.

A barge named VORTEX.

Gulls sitting in their own poop.

A sneaky, beautiful heron on a pier.

Wedding party walking along Crissy Field.

Secret tunnel near the Golden Gate Bridge.

On Sunday, we popped some Vietcong sammies for lunch then went on a scooter ride to the industrial area south of downtown. Our destinations were an garden center called Flora Grubb and the scrap material mecca of Building Resources. The former place was a large mostly open air place stocked with a wide variety of plants, places to sit, and a coffee bar. The latter, a collection of creatively organized scrap wood, doors, fixtures, toilets, and more.

Old pier in the industrial area south of town.

Shack and highway.

Pink doors on a warehouse.

Car covered in plants.

Ritual Coffee on the patio of Flora Grubb.

Pile of sand near a cement plant.

Riding on my scooter. Photo by J.

Graffiti on a warehouse.

Home made weather vane at Building Resources.


Reclaimed building materials.


Old power plant.

Half a massive door to the old plant.

Tanker ship backing out of a repair dock.

That evening, I went to my second pro baseball game. The match was between the LA Dodgers and the SF Giants. The game wasn’t nearly as entertaining as the spectators. Note to reader: Insert David Foster Wallace quality description of humanity here, almost like you’ve channeled his thoughts on an Iowa state fair.

Mascots on the field.


The Giants up to bat on the baseball diamond.

The view south from our stadium seats. Notice the same smokestack from the power plant.

Sports fans.

The Bay Bridge at sunset.

Two days was just enough to recharge. I need my weekends.

To see J’s take on the weekend, click here.



Did we go to a Rockies game in Denver once? Was that the first?


That’s the one. Not sure how we ended up being in Colorado with your dad. Was that the same camping trip we went to Glacier National Park. Back when it had a glacier?

I remember we screamed a lot during that game, mimicking the big-bossomed woman in front of us.


i want that mascots photo at 4’x8′ please.


They were a funny bunch, those walking ad mascots.

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