A Sunday Walk to Remember

This weekend, like most this summer, was a cold and misty one in my neighborhood. The weather was conducive to working inside, which unfortunately I had to do on both days. Saturday was a full day of Photoshop comping to a never-ending loop of Arcade Fire’s new album. J went in search of furniture and a wedding dress. I took a misty afternoon walk for coffee and fruit, but most of the day was spent looking at a screen and getting cabin fever.

On Sunday, I got most of my work done by noon. J and I went on a walk from our house to the beach. It was cold and misty, but I needed to stretch my legs and hear the sounds of the shore. We stopped for a filling Hong Kong style dim sum lunch at the wonderful KL Restaurant on 45th and Balboa. It’s a popular eatery in the area, and packed entirely with those of Chinese descent. This was the second time J and I dined there, and again we were the only old foreigners. The food was cheap and delicious, but meant to be shared amongst a large group. We ordered BBQ pork buns, shrimp and cilantro dumplings, dry fried green beans, spicy eggplant over rice, and black sesame balls for dessert. Cost: around $20.

Between working in Chinatown, living in the Richmond, and going to this restaurant, I feel like I might as well be living in China. At least I can trick myself into feeling like I’m still adventuring.

After lunch, we walked down to the beach and up the coast to the Sutro Bath ruins. The mist was coming in thick, so we didn’t linger long.

Little sinister house set back from the road.

Everything is turquoise at house 749.


Flowering shrubbery and another turquoise building.

Faded ad.

Balboa Theater marquee.

Orange and cream.

Two homes, two sets of stairs, one rail.

A row of pastel paint jobs.

Infection-like cracks in the sidewalk.

Green and peach.

KL Restaurant on Balboa.

Sweet black sesame balls with crushed peanut and rice gluten coating.

Dry fried green beans and spicy eggplant.

More colorful houses.


Crooked warning sign at Ocean Beach.

The promenade.

J identified this flock of birds as Caspian Terns.

The Terns taking flight.

Skyward, Terns!

J-DAWG JAMMYFRESH at the beach.

Poop rock and container ship.

Red ice plant on the cliffs of the Cliff House.

Old stairs to the Sutro Baths.


Old brick wall.

Looking into what was once the laundry rooms of the Sutro Baths, at least according to this map.

Bird going for a dip.

I’m looking forward to the end of summer when the weather gets nice again. Counterintuitive, yes, but that’s the way the Outer Richmond rolls.


are the embiggenable ones even more embiggenable than usual this time round? regardless, i enjoyed them.


Hey Daniel,
No, they are the same dimensions as they’ve always been.

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