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A Sunny Scooter Ride to Pt. Reyes

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Back from LA, I needed to reconnect with two wheels and nature. Solution: 100 mile scooter ride to Pt. Reyes with J. Video and photos follow:

Video made from clips J took while riding behind me on the scooter.

The road down to Muir Beach.

Overlooking the ocean.


Vulture over the water.

Bolinas Lagoon.

Old abandoned farm house and apple tree.

Fence and yellow grass.

The incident.

Beached boat in Inverness.

Our lunch spot.

The chalky road to the Tamales Bay Oyster Farm.

Tamales Beach.

J and the cliffs.

Sand castle building.

The water.

Old farm house.

Farmland and water.

Cows on the hill.


Seal, sunning on the sandbar.

Longan fruit.

The funeral.

Sunset from Polk Street.

End transmission.

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