A Variety of Photographs From the Last Few Days Selected to Inspire Maximum Jealousy in All Viewers*

Whenever I’m unburdened from feeling lost and unsure of myself, I purposefully investigate the Bay Area. Nature is the primary destination; other times, hipster gourmet ice-cream.

The goals are simple:

1. Figure out what the deuce is my purpose in life.
2. See beautiful things and snap low-quality digital photos of them to upload to this blog in order to inspire maximum jealousy in all viewers.*

By reminding others of how lucky I actually have it, I hope to remind myself.

A Variety of Photographs From the Last Few Days:

Sea Cliff, AKA Robin Williams’ neighborhood, seen from weeding invasive plants by the Veteran’s Memorial above Baker Beach.

Pine go die now.

Light and shadow on miniature dunes.

Dusty Bunny watches those who intrude upon his pee-pee woods.

Orange moss.

The scenic Hobo Rape Trail.

A spirit cat guards the abandoned back yard of a house by Ocean Beach.

A sliver of light on the horizon reminds the city that it’s overcast.

A ripple study.

Despite all my rage, I’m looking out a cave.

Marin Headlands in patchy sunlight.

Odd clouds above Japan Center.

The Dredge Report.

TCHO: locally made chocolate, high technology.

Fungus amongst us.

Horns of mushrooms growing from a block.

Tasmanian slippers by Coit Tower.

Juvenile hummingbird.

Observing the rock.

View from Coit Tower.

Looking down at the parking.


Lady of Chinatown has a full agenda.

Back alley abortion site.

Meat for sale.

Limp man surrounded by aphrodisiacs.

Colorblind wall tiles.


The city at night as seen from Twin Peaks.

A closer view.

And even closer view. Notice the woman in thong underwear watching an episode of “Caroline in the City” in the window on the right?

Night church.

Bridge posse.


Seals resting in Bolinas Lagoon.

Tree tunnel.

Black birds, green roof, white sky.

Milk comes from these.

Looking up the coast from near Pt. Reyes Lighthouse.

Drake’s Bay.

Slug voyeuer.

Doe, a deer, a female…sorry, I can’t remember the rest of that song.

Shed and wind sloped trees.

Moon Base Alpha.

Point Reyes Lighthouse.


Moldy wall, fatal fall.

J and I.**


Birds in the throws of a mating dance.


Our table.

Wonderful French toast.

Ship delivering massive legos.

A closer view.

J DAWG and I as athletic types on the Golden Gate Bridge.



Sunset over Aquatic Park.

The Segway Cult.

House of Air, a trampoline dream land.

Me, J, and K.**

Animation of J and I doing flips.**

I hope you enjoyed the preceding photos. If not, I understand. Perhaps the energy of San Francisco’s local baseball team winning a game has clouded your judgement?

*Massive jealousy, while hoped for, isn’t guaranteed. Please let me know in the comments if you’ve experienced it.
**Photos courtesy of Daniel.


I really never knew how much opportunity there was to actually escape the urbanization around San Fran until you moved there and started snapping nature scenes — pretty wild dichotomy.

“Figure out what the deuce is my purpose in life.” The purpose of life is to get on with it as best you can, have fun and stop worrying about figuring out what the deuce is your purpose in life :)

Great photos again!

Massive jealousy? I’m in Chiang Mai at the moment ;)


Thanks for the comments, Craig and Snap. It’s a great balance of nature and city here, I don’t know of any other place like it.


please tell me where tree tunnels was taken. THANK YOU!


I came across your “tree tunnel” image while doing an image search and was wondering if you can tell me the general location this picture was taken? Great background for a photo shoot, thanks in advance for your help. Great blog!



Pretty sure the tree tunnel is here, in Pt. Reyes:

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